March 2016 Newsletter

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Please join The John L. Warfield Center for African and African American Studies in celebrating the 2016 Faculty Tenure and Promotions.

Enlightenment and Political Fiction: The Everyday Intellectual with Dr. Miller (Wesleyan University). 3/31 Thursday 3pm, GAR 4.100.

Department News

African and African Diaspora Studies. Dr. Tinsley (Public Voices Fellow, Associate Professor) & Natassja Omidina Gunasena (Doctoral Candidate) had an essay featured in TIME Magazine. They also jointly teach the popular course “Beyonce Feminism/Rihanna Womanism.”

American Studies. Congratulations to Dr. McInnis for her recent appointment as Provost as well as being named Jacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities #1.

Anthropology. Congratulations to Graduate Student Giovanni Batz, who was awarded a Voiceless Speak Fund from the Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA (GHRC). The purpose of the award is to fund Guatemalans who are raising awareness in the United States of human rights violations in Guatemala. • Dr. Ali of the South Asia Institute has a new book out called “Centre Stage: Gender, Politics and Performance in South Asia.”

Asian Studies. Hindi Urdu Flagship Student Dhara Lad Receives Letter from President Obama for Internship in India at Gharonda.

Classics. Graduate students Elizabeth Adams and TJ Bolt recently had a piece published in online classics journal Eidolon on Greek tragedy and the Scream trilogy. • Congratulations to Dr. Haimson-Lushkov, who specializes in Roman history and Latin literature, on the recent tenure promotion.

Economics. The 2014 Denis Sargan Econometrics Prize has been awarded to Dr. Xu for his paper “Estimation of Discrete Games with Correlated Types.” A formal presentation will be made at the 2016 Royal Economic Society Annual Conference at the University of Sussex at Brighton.

English. Visit the Bullock Texas State History Museum’s special exhibit, “Life and Death on the Border 1910-1920,” on view until April 3rd. Professor Gonzalez was a team member of the Refusing to Forget Project, from which this exhibit grew. • Dr. Shingavi translated Bhisham Sahni’s autobiography Aaj ke Ateet (Today’s Pasts), allowing English-speakers access to the memoir for the first time.
History. New book by Dr. Talbot “The Last Hindu Emperor,” who was also recently awarded a fellowship at the National Humanities Center.

Linguistics. Graduate student Grace Neveu has been awarded an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant to support her research documenting the sign systems used by both deaf and hearing individuals in the Máíjùnà communities in the Peruvian Amazon.

Mexican American and Latina/o Studies. Assistant Professor Minich wins MLA Book Prize for “Accessible Citizenships: Disability, Nation, and the Cultural Politics of Greater Mexico.”

Religious Studies. Dr. Crosson: Agent of Change. In this interview with the DDCE, Crosson discusses his research in the Caribbean and his experiences with the UT faculty and students.

Slavic and Eurasian Studies. CREEES received it’s first graduate student endowment.

Sociology. Leading scholars analyze patrimonial politics in empires in regions throughout the world in “Patrimonial Capitalism and Empire,” a new book co-edited by Dr. Charrad.

Spanish and Portuguese. Congratulations to Professor Sandro Sessarego for winning the prestigious Marie Sosdowska Curie-Junior FCFP fellowship.

Center News
African & American Studies. Dr. Chambers in The Architectural Review, “Black British Art in Space” on the exhibit’No Colour Bar: Black British Art in Action 1960-1990′ at the Guildhall Art Gallery and London’s Roman Amphitheatre. • Please join The John L. Warfield Center for African and African American Studies in celebrating the 2016 Faculty Tenure and Promotions: Dr. Carson in Music, Dr. Chambers in Art and Art History, and African and African Diaspora Studies faculty Dr. Jones, Dr. Makalani, Dr. Smith, Dr. Tang.

Australian & New Zealand Studies. Dr. Cawthon Receives Clark Center Funding.

European Studies. The video of EU ambassador David O’Sullivan’s recent on campus talk is now available online.

Jewish Studies. Doctoral Student Raelene Wyse’s master thesis on the poetry of the Chilean-Jewish poet David Rosenmann-Taub won a Corda Prize. • Student Graeme Campbell recipient of Henry Weiss Service Award.

Linguistics Research. New Linguistics Research Center affiliated scholars include Dr. Law, Dr. Bullock, and Dr. Toribio. • German Abroad 2, a conference dedicated to highlighting issues of sociolinguistics, language contact, and multilingualism among German-speaking minorities worldwide, will take place at The University of Texas at Austin November 2-4, 2016.

Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies. Newsletter.

Institute News
Historical Studies. IHS Fellow Alumna Sarah Van Beurden publishes “Authentically African” on Ohio University Press.

Latin American Studies and Collections. LLILAS Welcomes Spring 2016 Tinker Visiting Professors. • First-year student Patricia Zavala has been chosen to attend the Duke Summer Program on Global Policy and Governance in Geneva, Switzerland, where she will focus on economic and energy policies in the context of climate justice.

Initiative News
Native American & Indigenous Studies. The College of Liberal Arts now Offers Nahuatl Courses.

3/1 Tuesday 5pm. SEMINAR. Tigris River Basin: Hydropolitical History & Current Challenges with Dr. Kibaroglu (MEF University). Host: Middle Eastern Studies. CLA 1.302B

3/1 Tuesday 5pm. PERFORMANCE. Henry V (American Shakespeare Center) Host: Shakespeare at Winedale. Hogg Memorial Auditorium

3/2 Wednesday 3pm. SEMINAR. Econometrics Seminar Series: Inference under Covariate-Adaptive Randomization with Dr. Canay (Northwestern University) Host: Economics. BRB 1.118

3/2 Wednesday 4pm. PRESENTATION. The Giant Magellan Telescope in Chile with Dr. Armandroff (UT Austin) Host: Latin American Studies. SRH 1

3/3 Thursday 7pm. FILM. Whose Is This Song? Host: Humanities. APL Terrazas Branch Library

3/4 Friday 8am. CONFERENCE. Controlling the Border?: Labor, Lives, & Policy Host: History, Historical Studies. GAR 4.100

3/4-3/6 Friday 9am. WORKSHOP. 2016 UT Germanic Studies Workshop Host: Germanic Studies . AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center

3/4 Friday 1pm. TALK. Ethnography Brown Bag:Monopolizing the Suspension of Law Enforcement in Buenos Aires with Dr. Dewey (Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies) Host: Sociology. CLA 3.214F

3/4 Friday 2pm. COLLOQUIUM. From concubines to daughters: The adoption of female slaves in early modern Istanbul with Hadi Hosainy (UT Austin) Host: Islamic Studies. CAL 516

3/4 Friday 3:30pm. SEMINAR. Economic Theory Seminar Series with Dr. Rady (Universität Bonn) Host: Economics. BRB 2.136

3/4 Friday 4pm. TALK. Borderlines Volumes 1 & 2 Book Launch Host: South Asia. CLA 1.106

3/4 Friday 6:30pm. FILM. Silences of the Palace Host: Middle Eastern Studies. MEZ 1.306

3/5 Saturday 8am. CONFERENCE. Re-opening America’s Gates: Battling for Immigration Reform, 1924-1965 Host: History, Historical Studies. GAR 4.100

3/5 Saturday 11am. PERFORMANCE. Explore UT: Songs & Tales from Around the World Host: Texas Language Center. MEZ 2.124

3/7 Monday 12pm. SEMINAR. Anthropology Seminar Series with Dr. Choy (UC Davis) Host: Anthropology. SAC 5.118

3/7 Monday 12pm. TALK. The Last Hindu Emperor: Prithviraj Chauhan & the Indian Past 1200-2000 with Dr. Talbot (UT Austin) Host: South Asia. WCH 4.118

3/7 Monday 3pm. WORKSHOP. A Double Game: Nixon & the Nigerian Civil War with Dr. McNeil (UT Austin) Host: History, Historical Studies. GAR 4.100

3/7 Monday 3pm. TALK. Re-staging the Grand Tour: Routes of Contemporary African Diaspora Art with Dr. Finley (Cornell University) Host: History, Historical Studies. GWB 2.206

3/7 Monday 3pm. INFO SESSION. Rome Study Abroad Info Session Host: French & Italian. HRH 2.118 Lounge

3/8 Tuesday 12:30pm. BOOK CLUB. Modern Islam Host: Religious Studies. CAL 515

3/8 Tuesday 7pm. FORUM. Veterans, Community, & Campus: Difficult Dialogues Host: Humanities. Texas Union 3.502

3/9 Wednesday 4pm. TALK. Ms. Conceived Shakespeare with LaQuetta Carpenter (UT Austin) Host: Women’s & Gender Studies. CLA 1.302B

3/10 Thursday 12pm. TALK. Dr. Nadia Marzouki (European University Institute) Host: History. POB 2.302

3/10 Thursday 3:30pm. LECTURE. Illicit Worlds of Indian Dance with Dr. Anna Morcom (Royal Holloway University of London) Host: South Asia. WCH 4.118

3/10 Thursday 5pm. TALK. Thracian, Greek, or Roman? Ethnicity & Religion in the Roman Colony of Philippi (Macedonia) with Dr. Cedric Brelaz (University of Strasbourg) Host: Religious Studies. MEZ 2.124

3/10 Thursday 12pm. TALK. Dr. Nadia Marzouki (European University Institute) Host: Historical Studies. AVAYA Auditorium

3/11 Friday 3:30pm. COLLOQUIUM. Colloquium Speaker Series with Dr. Cora Diamond (University of Virginia) Host: Philosophy. WAG 316

3/11 Friday 3:30pm. SEMINAR. Economic Theory Seminar Series: Prior-free Bayesian Optimal Double-Clock Auctions with Dr. Leslie Marx (Duke University) Host: Economics. BRB 2.136

3/20 Sunday 2:30pm. FILM. Solaris Host: Slavic & Eurasian Studies. Austin Public Library

3/21 Monday 12pm. TALK. “Festivalization”: A Conversation with Dr. Wynn (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Host: Sociology. CLA 3.214F

3/21 Monday 3pm. WORKSHOP. “Policing the Family: Children & Authority in Eighteenth-Century France” by Dr. Gossard (UT Austin) Host: History, Historical Studies. GAR

3/22 Tuesday 12:30pm. BOOK CLUB. Modern Islam Host: Religious Studies. CAL 515

3/23 Wednesday 12pm. BOOK TALK. Migration in an Era of Restriction & Recession by David L. Leal & Néstor P. Rodríguez Host: Latin American Studies. SRH Unit 1

3/23 Wednesday 3pm. FILM. Buttoners Host: Slavic & Eurasian Studies. BUR 231

3/23 Wednesday 3pm. BOOK TALK. Dear Girl: A Reckoning by Drea Brown Host: African & African American Studies. GWB 2.206

3/23 Wednesday 4pm. TALK. “Will the Real Lesbian Please Stand Up?”: Married Women and the Lesbian Feminist Revolution with Dr. Gutterman Host: Women’s & Gender Studies. CLA 1.302E

3/24 Thursday 3:30pm. LECTURE. Between Textuality & Orality in Marathi Jewish Women’s Song with Dr. Schultz Host: South Asia. WCH 4.118

3/24 Thursday 6:30pm. FILM. Facing Mirrors Host: Middle Eastern Studies. BEL 328

3/24 Thursday 8:30pm. ROUNDTABLE. 1976: Argentina’s Last Military Coup d’état Host: History, Argentine Studies Program, Latin American Studies, Historical Studies. GAR 4.100

3/24 Thursday 7:30pm. TALK. American Jews & the Future of Israel with Jeffrey Goldberg Host: Jewish Studies. ACES 2.302

3/25 Friday 12pm. BROWN BAG. Megafloods on Earth, Mars, and Beyond with Dr. Baker Host: Geography & the Environment. CLA 1.302C

3/25 Friday 12pm. SYMPOSIUM. Handmaidens of the Lord: Gender Roles in the U.S. Catholic Charismatic Renewal with Dr. Jackson Host: History. GAR 1.102

3/25 Friday 12pm. TALK. Between Hunger & Growth: Agricultural Science & Humanitarian Intervention in North India, 1947-1964 with Dr. Jack Loveridge Host: History. WAG 316

3/25 Friday 12pm. TALK. Population Research Center Brown Bag with Dr. Schudde (UT Austin) Host: Sociology. CLA 1.302E

3/25 Friday 12pm. LUNCHEON. Asian American Studies Majors Luncheon Host: Asian American Studies. BUR 560

3/25 Friday 2pm. COLLOQUIUM. Modern International Humanitarian Law & Islamic Law of Armed Conflict with Sophia Golvach Host: Religious Studies. CAL Reading Room

3/25 Friday 3pm. SEMINAR. East Asia Political Economy Series with Dr. Weathers (Osaka City University) Host: Asian Studies. WCH 4.118

3/25 Friday 3:30pm. SEMINAR. A Theory of Intergenerational Altruism with Dr. Galperti Host: Economics. BRB 1.118

3/28 Monday 12pm. WORKSHOP. Toward a Global History of Trauma with Dr. Micale (University of Illinois) Host: History. GAR 4.100

3/28 Monday 12pm. TALK. Center For Perceptual Systems Talk with Dr. Katz (UT Austin) Host: Perceptual Systems. SEA 4.244

3/29 Tuesday 3pm. TALK. Vernacular Literature: A Formal Reading by Dr. Ahmad (St. John’s University) Host: South Asia. CLA 1.302B

3/29 Tuesday 4pm. LECTURE. Littlefield Lecture with Dr. Williams (University of Pennsylvania) Host: History. CLA 1.302E

3/29 Tuesday 5pm. BOOK CLUB. “On the Radical Origination of Things” by Gottfried Leibniz Host: Study of Core Texts & Ideas. WAG 403B

3/31 Thursday 3pm. TALK. Enlightenment & Political Fiction: The Everyday Intellectual with Dr. Miller (Wesleyan University) Host: History. GAR 4.100

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