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Grant Services in the College of Liberal Arts:

  • The Office of Research & Graduate Studies in the College of Liberal Arts is led by Associate Dean Esther Raizen. Among many things, they provide support for faculty and graduate students seeking external research funding:
    • Kathy Thatcher, Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist
      U.S. and International Government Proposals
      Email:, Tel: 512-232-0760, Office: GEB 4.306
    • Vivian Smyrl, Post-Award Specialist
      Awarded Grants
      Email:, Tel: 512-232-1479, Office: GEB 4.306
    • Jason Leubner, Grants and Contracts Specialist
      Foundations and Graduate Student Grant Proposals
      Email:, Tel: 512-232-0716, Office: GEB 4.306More information:

College of Liberal Arts Grants Digest (mailing list):

Unique Grants Specific to Research/Study Abroad through the College of Liberal Arts:

  • The University of Texas Swedish Studies Excellence Endowment
    • Supports undergraduates & graduate students for research/study in Sweden
        • More Info:
          The University of Texas Swedish Studies Excellence Endowment
          The Swedish Studies Steering Committee was founded in 1996 by English & Philosophy (’54, honors) alum Carrin Patman. By 2000 the committee had met it’s goal of establishing a $1 million permanent endowment at The University of Texas to support the pursuit of Swedish Studies & Research in Sweden. The University of Texas is one of only 14 universities in the USA with a Scandinavian Studies program.
        • Eligibility
          The Swedish Endowment Committee welcomes proposals that satisfy the funding and language criteria outlined below. All University of Texas at Austin faculty are eligible to apply. UT-Austin students, UT-Austin staff, and non UT-Austin organizations are eligible to apply in conjunction with a sponsoring UT-Austin faculty member. The sponsoring UT-Austin faculty member is responsible for managing and administering awarded funds, and coordinating events related to the project.
        • Funding Criteria
          Funds are used for the direct benefit of University of Texas at Austin faculty and students to enhance appreciation of Swedish culture, literature, business, science, and technology. Uses may include, but are not limited to:
          • Supporting UT-Austin faculty from all academic fields to participate in scholarly conferences on Swedish subjects or to conduct research in Sweden;
          • Supporting visiting specialists or scholars from all academic fields with direct relation to Sweden to collaborate on research or projects with UT-Austin faculty, participate in conferences, or teach courses at UT-Austin;
          • Sponsoring symposia and conferences at UT-Austin on subjects related to Sweden;
          • Funding cooperative projects with multiple departments or schools/colleges at UT-Austin that are directly related to Sweden, its history and culture;
          • Supporting academic programs involving any aspect of Swedish culture and civilization including Swedish science, industry, and business, the media, Swedish language, literature and history, and Sweden in world politics and in its relationship to the US;
          • Acquiring research and teaching materials pertaining to Swedish culture and civilization; and
          • Bringing exhibits of Swedish fine arts and/or performers of Swedish music and theater to UT-Austin.For proposals that include travel funding for visiting scholars and/or other individuals, applicants are encouraged to request that these individuals teach courses or participate in campus and
          community events while at the University.
        • Language Criteria
          A working knowledge of the Swedish language may be important for some projects but not all. The applicant should address this issue in the application.
        • Deadlines and Notification
          There are no deadlines; proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Applicants are typically notified within 2-3 weeks of the submission date. Notifications will be sent via email.
        • Application: Swedish Endowment Funding Application
  • Ward Endowment
  • Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards

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