Programs in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin with international themes.

Program in British Studies
The British Studies program at the University of Texas at Austin was created in 1975. For more than thirty years the program has sponsored public lectures in English literature, history, and government, and has conducted a weekly seminar called the Faculty Seminar on British Studies that includes faculty members, graduate students, undergraduates, and members of the Austin community. British Studies serves a further basic purpose of providing visiting scholars at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center an opportunity to talk on the subject of their research, and of encouraging discussion of work-in-progress among participants in the program. The three main disciplines are literature, history, and political science, but all of the humanities and social sciences are represented.


Program in Comparative Literature
Comparative Literature faculty and students all research and teach actively in multiple languages across the college.  They oversee and participate regularly in international programs and exchanges.  Our students enjoy the support of fellowships and programs coordinated by UT’s Title VI Centers as well as being included in competitive programs such as CASA, Boren, Fulbright and DAAD.  Our faculty have an impressive record of securing prestigious fellowships, including awards from Guggenheim and the Rome Prize, and they regularly coordinate study aboard programs in locations as varied as Russia, Italy, and Cuba.  Comparative Literature is an institutional member of the American Comparative Literature Association, the largest and most active learned society in our field and a principal facilitator in international scholarly exchange.  We served as the ACLA’s home office from 2002-2011.  Comparative Literature is a founding affiliated member of Harvard University’s Institute for World Literature, to whose summer institute we send two graduate students each summer.

International Relations and Global Studies Program
International Relations and Global Studies (IRG) is an interdisciplinary major program for undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts. All IRG majors follow a particular academic course of study through the selection of one of four subject tracks (international security; international political economy; culture, media, and the arts; or science, technology, and the environment), a regional concentration (African Studies; Asian Studies; European Studies; Latin American Studies; Middle Eastern Studies; or Russia, East European and Eurasian Studies), and the completion of extra foreign-language courses. All IRG majors also must participate in a study-abroad experience of their choosing prior to graduation. One study-abroad opportunity in particular, the UT in Paris “semester-plus” program, is specifically
designed for IRG majors.

Plan II Honors Program
The Plan II Honors Program, committed to study abroad as part of a 21st century education, helps to underwrite between 80 and 120 Plan II students a year who study abroad in UT and other programs. Plan II also runs its own study-abroad courses. At one in Costa Rica, students worked at two field stations exploring issues of land use, eco-tourism and public policy with UT biologist, Dr. Ruth Buskirk. They then presented their findings to local officials. At a second program n Rome, students studied Roman history and culture with UT Professor Karl Galinsky. In the spring of 2016, a new Rome course on the modern papacy will be launched under UT Professor Sean Theriault. Dr. Buskirk’s Costa Rica course and Dr. Theriault’s course are run as part of UT’s Maymester program., while Dr. Galinsky’s course operated under the American Institute for Roman Culture.

UTeach Liberal Arts
UTeach-Liberal Arts is a professional middle and high school teacher preparation program for undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students planning to teach English, languages other than English, or social studies. UTeach-Liberal Arts offers an innovative program emphasizing the UTeach-LA philosophy of practical, hands-on field experience in classrooms. Scholarships are available to UTeach-Liberal Arts students for study abroad travel. Also, UTeach-Liberal Arts and the International Office’s ESL Services have designed a unique six-hour course for students to learn to Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), followed by a six-week internship abroad to South Korea or Mexico.